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Wire Money In/Out

KTCCU can send and receive electronic wires.

Use the following wiring instruction when wiring funds from KTCCU:

  • Amount of the Wire - 
  • Name - Name of the person receiving the funds
  • Address - Mailing address of the person receiving the funds
  • Destination of the Wire - Name of the financial institution receiving the funds
  • ABA Routing Number - Routing Number of destination institution
  • Account Number - Account number the funds are to be deposited 

When wiring funds into KTCCU use the following instructions:

  • Receiving Financial Institution - Millennium Corporate Credit Union
  • Receiving ABA Routing Number - 301180111 
  • With credit to - Kansas Teachers Community Credit Union
  • KTCCU ABA Routing Number - 301179410
  • Final Credit to - Your Name
  • Account Number - Your KTCCU account number